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Announcing Fear Book Club!

Fear is coming on April 3rd, and we’re just as excited as you. Starting April 3rd, you’ll get the chance to connect with other fans of the series to discuss the book we’ve all been eagerly awaiting since last year.

There’s four ways you can join in:

1. We’ll be holding two chats right here, at gonefans.com/chat, where we’ll be discussing Fear in-depth (with spoilers), on April 7th at 6pm PST (9pm EST) and April 14th at 12pm PST (3pm EST). You don’t need a Tumblr account to join in, so feel free to invite whoever you like.

2. We’ll be discussing certain topics in open threads on the blog. We’ll announce them as they happen.

3. There’ll be an ongoing discussion on Twitter with #FearBookClub. Please make sure you hashtag any spoilers with #spoiler so those who have not yet finished the book can filter them out.

4. We’ll also be accepting your thoughts on anything and everything Fear related in the submissions box. Plot twist you didn’t like? Is there just a character you absolutely hate? Let it all out in the box. We’ll publish the best ones.

Also coming: Our spoiler-free Fear review on April 3rd.

Don’t worry, anything with spoilers will be clearly marked so you don’t see anything you can’t unsee.

Have a book blog and want to join in? Contact us.

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